Top Benefits of Group Fitness Classes

You’ve tried just about everything to stay motivated with your daily workouts, but you’re starting to get burned out. Whether you no longer have that desire to head out for a run or make your way to the gym after work, you aren’t alone. You might be surprised how many people struggle to be consistent with exercising on their own. In this blog post, we will detail the benefits of working out in a group setting and how it can help you break through that rut.

If you’ve ever participated in group fitness classes, you know how unique of an experience it can be. Maybe you remember the loud music, fast movements, and shouts of encouragement throughout the class. Simply put, group fitness training challenges you to work beyond your perceived limitations. There’s a common goal that everyone strives to achieve, making the workout more enjoyable and intense at the same time. Keep reading for three major benefits of group fitness sessions:

  1. Physical benefits – Let’s start with the most obvious one. The main purpose of attending these classes should be to get in a workout. With that said, your fitness goals are likely different than your friend’s. Consider dance aerobics, indoor cycling, or kickboxing for weight loss/cardio. Are you looking to build muscle and overall strength? Go with weight training, calisthenics, or boot camp options. Yoga also makes for a good choice, especially if you’re looking to improve your flexibility and de-stress.
  2. Accountability – A select percentage of folks can consistently go to the gym on their own and stay motivated. In a group setting, it’s relatively easy to stay accountable. As you start to go to specific classes more often, there’s a good chance you’ll start to make friends with other participants. You’ll find out quickly that nobody wants to let down the person next to them during a workout. Plus, don’t be surprised if you feel a bit of guilt when you happen to miss a class.
  3. Social opportunities – This goes hand in hand with accountability. If you’ve been looking to meet new people while enjoying yourself in a group setting, these classes are for you. Group fitness classes are the perfect spots to make friends who have similar lifestyle goals and needs.

Group Fitness Classes at LDT Fitness

A little more than four years ago, our fitness coach had the vision to offer community group classes and express workouts through innovative and cutting edge technology. LDT Fitness was soon founded and remains the premier fitness studio in Aurora. What makes LDT different from the typical gym? There’s no intimidation factor at our facility. Feel at ease knowing that everyone who comes through our doors not only feels like family but looks forward to their workouts. LDT thrives on positive energy, attitudes, and thoughts!

We are also thrilled to be the first privately owned, Extended Hours Access (EHA) virtual and live group fitness studio in Colorado. Whether you choose on demand workouts via our virtual group fitness options, participate in our live classes, or do a combination of both, there’s a spot for you at LDT Fitness.

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