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Whether you’ve previously been to our group fitness studio or are just finding our website for the first time, we want to welcome you to Let’s Do This Fitness! We want you to know that our facility is not a gym setting. We believe in the power of being a community-based group fitness center where everyone feels like family and looks forward to their workouts. In this blog post, we will provide an overview as to what we’re all about and how we can help you achieve your fitness goals.

We are proud to be the first privately owned, Extended Hours Access (EHA) Virtual and Live Group Fitness Studio in Colorado. That means you can get a workout in on your time as opposed to rushing over to the gym when it’s not convenient. LDT Fitness specializes in “group” fitness classes and believes that a group environment is a key to members achieving their fitness goals. Gone are the days when you have to feel self-conscious while exercising or think less of yourself and abilities. Our fitness studio is geared to offer a social, friendly, and fun community environment. You can feel comfortable knowing that there’s no intimidation factor at LDT Fitness.

About Our Virtual Fitness Center

About 14 years ago, Keith Williams made it his mission to offer group fitness classes and express workouts through innovative and cutting edge technology. Keith didn’t want to take a one-size-fits-all approach, though. Instead, he made it a point to customize classes to the lifestyle of clients. As LDT Fitness continues to grow, Keith’s foundation remains unchanged. For example, class sizes are monitored to ensure that each student is not only a relevant participant but also comfortable and motivated to return again for that experience. LDT Fitness invests in our members, as we are the lone facility in the state to offer a video wall display, Bluetooth technology, concert lighting, and premium surround sound system. Not to mention, we are also the first fitness studio to provide GRIT and virtual fitness programs from Les Mills. Just recently, we even added state-of-the-art group fitness Les Mills equipment, including SMARTBAR and SMARTSTEP.

Importance of Nutrition Programs

We want those who come into our studio to be healthy and feel great not just at LDT Fitness, but throughout their day. That’s why we place such an emphasis on quality nutrition. Experts say that about 80 percent of your transformation happens with food and drink choices, which is why our wellness professionals recommend cutting-edge, all-natural nutritional programs to complement your workout routine. Getting a regular workout in is great, but why waste it on unhealthy, processed foods once you’re done? We recently partnered with one of the area’s leading clinical nutritionists in order to provide the optimal support for our members. We have options for you whether you want to shed some pounds, improve endurance, gain lean muscle, or just feel better.

In addition to your nutrition program, we will equip you with a customized workout program, meal plans, menu ideas, as well as unlimited coaching along the way. We can even help you measure your body fat for objective progress tracking. With the combination of the right nutrition and exercise, we are confident that LDT Fitness will be the catalyst for your transformation.

Virtual Workout Classes

As part of our emphasis on virtual workout classes, we provide on-demand workouts featuring Les Mills. For just $9.99 per month, you can take advantage of instant access to a huge library of proven workouts.

With Les Mills as your virtual personal trainer and a community of great people alongside, we are certain that our virtual fitness will allow you to see the results you’ve always wanted. LDT Fitness presents the convenient, fun alternative to a gym.

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