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Let’s Do This Fitness believes that quality nutrition is key to reaching your fitness goals. Experts say 80 percent of your body transformation occurs in the kitchen, which is why we recommend cutting-edge, all-natural, no compromise, nutritional programs to complement your workout routine.

Whether you are looking to release unwanted pounds, improve endurance, gain lean muscle, or simply feel better, we have options and a system for you! In conjunction with your complete nutritional program, you will receive a customized workout plan, meal ideas, and coaching. Our clinical nutritionist, Lauren Simms, has been in the fitness industry for 13 years and has coached over 7,000 clients.

She is an expert in the industry and her greatest passion is watching others succeed! For questions about your nutritional program, feel free to reach Lauren at (720) 910-3757 or email: We are confident that the right pre- and post-workout nutrition will jump-start your transformation and provide the accelerated results you are looking for!

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