• “I would definetly recommend it to my friends because the excersice is a complete excersice where if you're constant you will see progress.”

    Guadalupe G
  • “I have danced Zumba with the LDT family for about 5 years In the past couple of years they have added Les Mills which challenges and gives you the opportunity to grow and experience a new venue in your personal fitness program You can be an "old timer" or a new student and you feel welcome An instructor or another student is always there to support your goals because we "Do This Together." ”

    Eugenie G
  • “It's been a while since I've done Zumba at LDT Fitness but I truly enjoyed it. Keith is one of my all-time favorite Zumba instructors. I would definitely recommend this club and business Keith is a part of.”

    Sherri B
  • “I Never saw a more committed owner/operator. Keith actually cares about his LDT Fitness family, his community and his supporters.”

    Tracy S
  • "The staff is friendly and helpful. Everyone is treated like family."

    Pamela F
  • “LDT Fitness provides the ultimate group fitness programming ; unmatched in the Dever metro area!”

    Warren S
  • “The programs Let's Do This Fitness provides are exactly what I needed to get my body into shape. The environment is professional and friendly and I feel like I belong. It is actually a joy to workout!”

    Donna C
  • “Love the family atmosphere... Bodypump rocks!”

    Cheri V
  • “Let’s Do This Fitness has been the best decision I have made for myself to take my fitness goals and personal health to the next level for me. The combination of Zumba and the Les Mills program of GRIT and BodyPump has made all the difference for me. Especially the GRIT & BodyPump, because I am now in the best shape I have ever been in my 56 years of my life. Through these programs I am stronger and leaner. I proud of myself to have tried something new and to have had positive results in a short period of time. I particularly appreciate the continued challenge the GRIT & BodyPump offers as new releases are presented by our coaches. Even with modifications to the exercises I still can achieve the fitness results of the exercise. The Les Mills equipment we use for GRIT and BodyPump are outstanding. We are so lucky to have equipment that is designed to support your workout and provides us with confidence in its stability when use it. Let’s Do This schedule has been great be me. Evening times are best for me and the variety class options during the week provides me with options to keep me going and to supplement my work outs when I can’t follow my regular schedule. I also appreciate the support and the genuine community Keith Williams has created at Let’ Do This Fitness. I am grateful to witness the commitment that each member is giving for themselves individually to be healthy and strong. We are all in this together to reach our fitness goals. All the members inspire me every class and to keep coming. Thank you Keith and all the LDT community.”

    Carol M
  • “I love the convenience of the online classes!”

    Jamie O
  • “I love the Zumba and the Body Pump classes . The instructors are great. Everyone is so pleasant and we work very hard.”

    Tina R ★★★★★

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